Killer Mile Motorsport's mission is to remove limitations on creativity by providing crisp, clear, in the moment action photography, graphic design, branding, and social media for you, your race team, family, sponsor and/or business. I strive to provide excellent customer service and professional assistance when choosing the perfect photos and designs to represent and professionally stylize your brand or team in the Motorsports community & industry.


Hey There, I’m Nicole Signor

I’m here to teach you how to put your best foot forward visually through professional branding, breathtaking photography, and social media marketing.


Find yourself asking the question, “How can I be more professional on and off the race track?”

I have just the solution, my Creative Services.

Hero Cards are a great way to put your sponsors on a pedestal, and showcase them all in one spot, aside from on social media. Professionally designed Hero Cards are a great way to celebrate your career, and acquire potential sponsors in the future, just simply by displaying them on your car at the beginning of the night or taking them with you to the Motorsport trade shows throughout the offseason, such as PRI in Indianapolis IN, the Motorsports Trade Show in Tall Oaks, PA, Racing Xtravaganza in York, PA, or Motorama in Harrisburg, PA. Printed Hero Cards are great ways to keep your fans involved, meet and greet new fans, and a great way to thank them for supporting you!

I also offer more creative services. Feel free to send me an inquiry if you cannot find what your looking for.