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September 2018

One of our busiest months of the year, and we are ready to tackle the “Month of Money” in Central PA.


October 2018

Our season usually starts to slow down, and is not so busy in October!

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Photo Manipulation

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We offer a wide variety of materials, giving added value & increased interest to your business or race team. 



Our style is like no other.  Creative and articulate in our captures; unique editing & post processing techniques.  We meet your team's and sponsors needs with the click of the shutter button. With experience professional quality camera gear & technical camera knowledge, we are no stranger to the sport of racing and would love to form a partnership with your team or business in the motorsports industry.  Aside from just Motorsports photography we do offer Senior Portraits, Modeling/Agency Portraits, and Couples Portraits.  We are not limited to those few categories, and will do others upon special request. 


We offer several options of creative services. Marketing materials(including sponsorship packets & hero cards), schedule releases - weekly, monthly, logo design, etc. to meet your team or business' needs in growing revenue, fan base & reach.


Keeping up to date with the digital age can be hard - Let us handle it for you! Social media is the best way to connect with fans, promoters, tracks, rules, and most importantly showcase your sponsors. 

We strive to meet your team and/or business needs, with several types of creative service capabilities.  We offer a wide variety of printed goods, as well as social media structured designs to bring in a larger audience than you're already capturing the attention of to further market your team, product, and/or service. 

Specializing in the following: 

Printed Goods:

Hero / Autograph Cards, Business Cards, Trifold Brochures, Product Catalogs Design, Sponsorship Packets, etc. 


Social Media content design:

Covering Several Must-Have Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Facebook Cover Photos / Design, Profile Photos / Design, Social Media postings (promotions, etc.) 


Race Team Branding

Hero Cards / Autograph Cards, Team Logos, Name Plates & Numbers, Race Schedules (Weekly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly, etc.) Race Stats throughout the year, (Weekly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly, etc.) Promotions (Giveaways) 


Please view our portfolio of finished products and designs, and feel free to contact us for a design quote or more information.


Hero & Autograph Cards - Printed Product


Logo Design


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Statistic Updates


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Social Media Marketing

Aside from photography and graphic design, we also operate several different social media accounts as well. If this is something you're interested in, and would like us to take care of for you and your race team or business, please feel free to contact us for pricing and options to fit your needs! 

Why invest in Social Media? 

First, welcome to 2018. In a social media driven society, this has become one of the most effective ways to provide up to date posts, updating fans, family, and friends on what's actually happening at the track, or in the shop, prior to the race day activities. Social Media is such a huge component of the racing industry, reaching hundreds & thousands of different groups of people across the country and globe. Social Media also gives the opportunity to reach so much more than just a website can offer, as well as a more personal/professional reach.  Specialties with social media include an increase in your fan base, increase your team awareness, positives throughout the season, celebrate and promote team sponsorship and partners, acquiring sponsorship(s) and overall increase opportunities to further your racing career and help fulfill goals your team may have. Also, your team has so much on their mind throughout the race night - it's nice to focus on the car and team throughout the nights spent at the track and not have to worry about posting results as they happen to social media. 

Services OFFERED:

  • Race Night Updates
  • Weekly Updates
  • Photos, Media, Graphic Design techniques to engage quality posts to update fans. 
  • Sponsorship Packets - meeting your individual team needs in a professional manor.  
  • Professional Branding - reliable & professional branding to make new partners want to work with your team
  • Professional Content & Posts - builds your overall image, consistency, a positive reputation and relationship with fans & sponsors


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