Graphic Design Services

Professionally designed marketing materials are crucial to getting your company or team’s brand and messaging to customers effectively.

Marketing Design

Professionally and thoughtfully designed marketing materials are important to getting your team or company’s brand and messaging out to current and potential customers and partners effectively.

Brand Development

Branding is a promise to your customers as to who you are and what to expect from your products and services. Branding is the message of perception you give to your customers and partners. Developing an effective brand will give you a distinct edge in your market space.

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Here are some of the graphic design elements I provide…

Print Advertising • Hero Cards • Postcards • Posters • Custom Reports • Business Cards •
Digital Ad Design • Social Media Ad & Image Design • Photo Correction • Infographics

Here’s where I can work with you to develop your voice in your market…

•  Original custom logo design
•  Overall marketing, font, and color palette development
•  Detailed brand guideline development for all current and future marketing elements


Logo Design

Designing an effective logo is your first step in achieving your brand identity. A great logo needs to tell your story in less than an inch of space. It needs to be instantly recognizable and tell your potential customers who you are in a blink. Scale, function, color, font selection, shape, and medium are some of the factors that go into the logo development process.

Some food for thought when choosing your next logo…


Hero Card Creation

Professionally designed Hero Cards are a great way to celebrate your career, and acquire potential sponsors in the future, just simply by displaying them on your car at the beginning of the night or taking them with you to the Motorsport trade shows through the offseason, such as PRI in Indianapolis IN, the Motorsports Trade Show in Tall Oaks, PA, Racing Xtravaganza in York, PA, or Motorama in Harrisburg, PA. Professional printed Hero Cards are great ways to keep your fans involved, meet and greet new fans, and a great way to thank them for supporting you!