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Hero Cards are a great way to put your sponsors on a pedestal, and showcase them all in one spot, aside from on social media. Professionally designed Hero Cards are a great way to celebrate your career, and acquire potential sponsors in the future, just simply by displaying them on your car at the beginning of the night or taking them with you to the Motorsport trade shows throughout the offseason, such as PRI in Indianapolis IN, the Motorsports Trade Show in Tall Oaks, PA, Racing Xtravaganza in York, PA, or Motorama in Harrisburg, PA. Printed Hero Cards are great ways to keep your fans involved, meet and greet new fans, and a great way to thank them for supporting you!

For hero card designs, there are several different items I will need in order to proceed, such as graphics and photos. I have a downloadable PDF file questionnaire, for my teams or drivers to fill out, prior to the design process. This document will become available once booked in the Client Library section of my website. This will save time, stress, and ensure the teams and drivers are thinking of the necessities they should always have on a hero card design and adding anything else they desire.

**Special Note: If a team or driver would supply photos that are not mine, I will need a permission to use or licensed high quality image, sent from the original photographer desired. Screenshots from websites (photographer’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) are not able to used! Reason for this: These are not print quality and will not print to standards. This is to help save my teams and drivers the disappointment and hassle of poor, quality prints in the final stages of production.

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