2018 Favorite Photos

I never like picking favorites from an entire year of shots, but I definitely have accumulated a ton of shots from the 2018 season!

I was lucky enough to visit 7 tracks, from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, to Maryland during the 2018 season. I shot photos at 6 different tracks, and returned multiple times at 5 different tracks this year, consistently for the entire year. I could not be more thankful for the opportunities I have been given in 2018, shooting for HoseHeads.com. Also, aside from shooting for HoseHeads.com, I have continued to grow my own brand, and be recognized by several different sanctioning bodies to receive my own credentials through them, to help supply them with photos from the nights events, as well.

I had also organized my own monetary award; the 2018 Ultimate Hard Charger Award, which I had presented to Doug Hammaker, back in October upon completing the 358 Summer Series and passing the most cars throughout heat races and features. You can read more about it on, here.

Trent Gower Photography and I, with the help of his girlfriend, Jewels, and Trent’s dad, we were able to raise $600, from selling our best images of Greg Hodnett, in hopes to honor him, and we donated all the money to Greg’s wife, Sherry Hodnett, from the weekend of the National Open.



I truly believe if I had to say that I have improved in 1 year, I would be lying. I’ve improved a lot over the past 4 years. I hate putting a time limit on improvement, because I feel that I try to improve every single time I pick up my camera, and shoot whether that’s a portrait session or at the racetrack. Across the 2018 season, I had set so many goals for myself, and most times, it was about making a challenge for myself that I would like to overcome during a session, not necessarily a number goal, but a qualitative goal. I think setting challenges and goals, can only do positive things for your future, in anything life throws at you, not just photography.

I have been blessed to work and shoot for several teams this year, and I can’t wait to expand upon those partnerships and more in 2019.

I thought that I should gather a few of my favorite images from the 2018 season. Check them out and let me know if I missed any that were your favorites from the course of this year.


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Want Me to shoot somewhere specific in 2019?

Do you have a specific track you would like me to venture to this coming year? I’d love to hear where fans of my work would like to see more from. Be sure to put your responses in the comments section below. I love to travel and get out more in the industry.