Motorsports Pageant - 3 Tips to Prepare You For The Pageant Stage

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Post 3.

Want 3 tips to be better prepared for your Motorsports pageant in 2019?

Stick around to find out!

These may sound pretty repetitive and predictive, but these are my three best tips to best prepare you and feeling confident when you step on stage.

I have noticed in my preparation for pageants in the past, that practicing my walk, practicing my hair and make up and selecting a dress that isn’t black really helped me out in the long run and better prepared me for the day of the competition.

1  | Practice Walking

Practicing your walk is so beneficial prior to show day!

This is such a valuable lesson I learned.

As a competitor you will notice several different girls will do things differently.

What works for one girl, may not work the best for you.

I highly recommend finding a room, with a mirror and just practicing walking in front of the mirror.

Some of these pageants allow you to choose your own song to walk in to. You can always practice walking to that song to get con.

This is very helpful, if you are aware of the stage pattern.

Also, try to break in your heels, if you’ve bought new ones.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not very comfortable walking in heels, unless their comfortable.

Which what kind of heels are “comfortable”?

Let’s be honest, not many pairs.

So start practicing. It will help you, look more confident in heels, when walking on stage.


2  | Practice Make Up & Hair

I highly recommend practicing your hair and makeup, a few days or weeks leading up to the pageants.

This will save you on a hair and makeup artist, unless you absolutely want one.

I think practicing how you would like to wear your hair and makeup is super beneficial to staying prepared.

Also, if you can practice your hair and makeup with your outfit(s) for show day. This way you will know exactly what you might want to do differently the day of the show, and can do it with ease, and not be rushed.

Some hairstyles or make up techniques that look good one someone else, may not be the best for you to do. So it’s best to practice, first.

I have always found this tip helpful.


3  | Selecting Dress Choice for On Stage

As a former contestant in Ms. Motorsports, Ms. Racing Xtravaganza, and Ms. Motorama, I highly recommend not wearing a black dress on stage.

If you have never been to these pageants before, and a first year contestant (completely normal), the stage backdrop is typically black.

If you wear a black dress, you will risk being lost in the background of the stage of all three of these pageants.

Black, yes is one of the classiest colors a girl could wear, but it’s not always the best for pageants.

As you start to choose your dress for these competitions, try to lean towards any other color but black.

If you haven’t chosen a dress yet, I’d highly stress checking out options on Poshmark or Mecari.

Both of these sites, I have purchased shoes and dresses for pageants and you can get them a fairly cheap price. It helps you save a little bit of money, because pageants can get pricy!


Bonus tip

Practicing to smile in front of a mirror can also be extremely helpful.

Sometimes when we take the stage, we can have a fake smile on our faces. This is extremely noticeable to the judges, and the audience.

You will want to have a natural smile.


I hope these 3 tips were helpful in prepping you for your Motorsports pageants in the coming year or years.