Hero Cards Design Process

As a graphic designer, having a conceptual and thoughtful design is one of the most important elements to any printed product.

Over the course of 2018, I started offering Hero Cards under Killer Mile Motorsports.

I think the addition of graphic design in Motorsports is perfect for how to look and present a professional look, and helps obtain sponsors that you truly want and fit your goals, as well as how you can help them in return.

That is ultimately the goal of sponsors - What they are going to get in the long run from sponsoring you or your team.

A professional approach will help ease this partnership right from the start, because it will help aid in how serious you are off the track, as well as on the track.


What is a Hero Card?

If you’re involved in racing, this may be common knowledge.

However, to the average Joe, it’s not.

A hero card, or also known as an autograph card, is the second best way to get your information out there, aside from social media.

Hero Cards aid in meeting new people in your industry, such as current and prospective sponsors, fans, friends, and the list continues. This is the easiest way to gain a new fan, or keep your fans involved in what your doing!

Every hero card is different and is meant to be unique to you, your car, and team.

These are typically cards that use pieces of your teams branding, such as:

name graphics number graphicssponsor logoscolors

If you haven’t quite figured out your brand, for your team, I suggest you think about doing it, to keep everything consistent and professional.

I also help aid teams with team branding, if that is something you would like assistance with.

Hero cards are a great way to attract fans, and give you a great platform to show you care about them.

Offering a Hero Card to fans that are walking through the pits, show you want to give them something to remember you by.

Displaying and distributing Hero Cards, gives any fan the opportunity to feel like they know you as a person, away from being just a driver on the track.


Hero Card Questionnaire

Anyone that has ever done graphic design or has worked with a graphic designer on a project, knows that you must have the necessary information prior to starting any project.

The Hero Card process is no different

When I am booked by a client to handle the Hero Card design & prints, I always have my clients fill out a packet, Hero Card Questionnaire.

I require this packet be completed and returned within 2 weeks, to stay on track for the due date.

This packet shows how involved the process is, by what information I am requesting from them as well as whatever other information the client wants to include.

The Questionnaire takes care of the following sections:

Motive + ConceptSocial MediaPhotos + Graphics SponsorsSponsors logos

Schedule + Much More

Forms or client homework has become very helpful tools to my success as a graphic designer and photographer. 

It keeps my clients focused as to what information they may not be thinking about, or things they want to add to their card, to set them apart, from other drivers and teams cards.

It also helps the client understand that they don’t need to contact me day after day, asking what I need from them.


Design Process - Behind the Scenes

Below shows just how my design process works.

I start out with using Adobe Illustrator, a program meant for design and creation of vector shapes.

I add a few geometric shapes, that compliment the card and car.

Then, I continue to add information that the client wants included to meet their needs and desires.

Every card is different due to every driver or team has different needs that they would like to see on their card.

Please see below, for my hero card process from start to finish working within Adobe Illustrator.

Client Proofing Process + Approvals

I do my client proofing process as a JPEG file and a hi res PDF proof sent through email to each of my clients.

I offer 3 corrections or changes, before charging an additional fee for corrections.

Take a look at my client proofing that I did below, for Steven Kisamore, a 358 Sprint Car driver, from the South Central PA area, in December 2018.

You will notice within the first and second proofing stages, there were changes or additions made to the hero card.

I send the proof via email, with 2 files:

PDF ProofJPEG Proof

A JPEG that shows the hero card front and back design, sitting on a hardwood coffee table scene and a PDF to show the detail, and text, up close.

This post doesn’t include the PDF, due to it’s a high resolution PDF, for the clients viewing and editing purposes only.


Client Testimony


Do you need help with your hero cards?

Not exactly sure how to do the design, but you have a vision in mind and would like help?

Think about contacting me to start your next design project!