Technique Tuesday: Clone Stamp, Patch Tool, and Lasso Tool.

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As a professional photographer/photo editor, you get all kinds of special requests from clients. Many requests include removing other people, items or things from images. Using these tools that can be found in Adobe Photoshop(all versions; creative suite to the Adobe Creative Cloud). You can remove pretty much anything to your heart’s desire or content. These were the first tools, that I learned how to use efficiently and effectively when I first learned Photoshop, going on 9 years ago. These tools are very beneficial in furthering your professional ability within an added area most don’t think of when starting out in photography. And if you haven’t messed around with these, or have been asked do something like removing someone from an image, stay tuned below, for how I did it, and created my final image for my customer’s gift.

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Retoucher’s Toolkit

I like to think of these tools as the Retoucher’s Toolkit. Retoucher’s in this industry, use a combination of these tools: Clone Stamp, Patch Tool & The Lasso Tool. Most Retouchers use the Clone Stamp tool to erase simple marks from models face if needed, to clear up acne, but it’s helpful for removing people as well. Take a look at this image below, and you would have no idea that Dylan Norris was actually in the photo, if you hadn’t seen the before image - that is why these skills are important! Not only did I remove Dylan’s body, but I completely removed his shadow, as well.

Paying attention to detail, as a Retoucher, gives you a huge advantage on other professional Retouchers.


Tools in the Retoucher’s Tool Kit.

Clone Stamp Tool

Clone Stamp tool

Clone Stamp tool (as shown above, the selected “Stamp” icon in the Photoshop tool bar) is used to clone out tiny marks. I use this remove any blemishes, or actually add detail from one area to another. In this case, in the photo shown above, I used it to add detail back into the spot where I removed Dylan, to help show the tack isn’t one complete “same” area.


patch tool in photoshop

Patch tool (as shown above, the selected “patch” icon in the Photoshop tool bar) is used to make a selection of a shape and then you can use the patch to essentially cover up that spot that you selected. I use this remove larger areas. I originally started out with this tool, when removing Dylan, because of the space on both sides, that I could use to “cover” him up. You can also set tolerances with this tool as well, making it a perfect choice to have on hand.


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