51st Annual Tuscarora 50 at Port Royal Speedway

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Welcome back Friend,

After raining out Friday and Saturday, the skies had cleared up, and racing was on everyone’s minds, this past Sunday, October 28th. I made the journey alone, this time, from my small town of Gettysburg, PA to Port Royal Speedway. All in all it was about 87.5 miles one way. I made it there prior to 11:15am. I ran into Brian Monteith and his daughter, when we were walking to getting our wrist bands for the pits. That was exciting, to see him, when I had arrived! It’s always nice seeing a familiar face, when you’re by yourself.

“One Night Stand, for 51 Grand!” as Donny Schatz made sure everyone paid up!


The Tuscarora 50 event, is always a favorite of mine. Most times I’ve watched from the stands, and absolutely froze, while this year, I decided it was time to shoot, since the original date was changed, due to another rainout. Sounds like the trend of my year, in Central PA. The atmosphere is like no other, and Sunday night was no exception. The World of Outlaws were in town, which made it even better. Stopping and saying, “Hello”, to friends that I have made over the past 3 years, was of course my favorite part. I also got to work for a few teams as well, while I was up there, which made the afternoon go very fast for how long the show lasted.

Here is a little preview into my shots from the 51st Annual Tuscarora 50, as Donny Schatz would come out victorious, over the PA Posse and other invaders that made the trip to Central PA for the weekend! You can also now view the link to my photos, as they have been posted to the link below: https://killermilemotorsports.smugmug.com/Tuscarora50/Tuscarora502018/


Driver Shots are always my favorite thing to shoot at the track. These shots give a perspective that most race fans don’t get to see during the race night. These give a sense of intimidation, determination, or the occasional glare from drivers who I’ve not met yet. I love getting to be precise, and specific on what images I choose to take, which makes the process even more rewarding. Shooting thru the visor’s is a challenging but amazing chance to capture some of these feelings, prior to time trials. You can get a sense of security.

Hot Laps

During Hot Laps, I wanted to stand in the top of turn 4, however, that didn’t happen. So turn 3, by the scales, had to do. I also got to see some of the speeds that they were catching from the turn. The highest we had seen was a 126 mph, but I caught a 121 mph on camera. Throughout the night, those speeds kept improving and getting faster. Here’s a few shots from turn 3.


For time trials, I honestly had no clue where I wanted to go or what shots I actually wanted. I ended up standing on the front stretch, just off the exit of turn 4. This provided a good amount of different views, which was essential to not having the exact same shot of every car. In my opinion, it gets repetitive and very boring, when i’m editing later on.

I think the Port Royal painted on the wall, is a great sight to include in the images - it provides a cool motion blur for a backdrop. The sign is iconic, to fans, and drivers and helps make the images stand out years later, when questioning what track photos were taken at.

heat Races

Just like time trials, I didn’t have a clear idea of where I wanted to shoot - So I decided to head down to turn 1 & 2. This area was a great spot to practice some slow shutter speed shots, and boy did they turn out, tasty and creamy! These shots have been something I’ve wanted to play with and slowly have gotten better at it over the course of this year. Check out some of these shots, as they really do pop, since it wasn’t bright enough to wash all the colors out, by how you have to set your camera to actually take this shots.


There’s so much that happens in the pits and capturing the hussle and bussle of everyone moving or working is pretty rewarding. These shots are where creativity ends up being a key role in capturing some of the best shots, and helping you stand out as a photographer, in this sport. I am a firm believer in, “I can only capture the same shot so many times before it gets overdone”. However, I could shoot these shots, a few different ways and they would all turn out completely different, with their own story, and that’s the beauty of creative photography as an art form.


You can ask Chad Wolf, Jr. Miss’ Racing Xtravaganza’s father, as he asked me who I thought would pull this one off with a win, prior to the start of the feature! As read me the top 10 in the line up, I quickly placed my bet on who I thought was gonna take this race. My bet was King, Donny Schatz. You simply cannot bet against him, anywhere, especially when he’s starting up front or in the front few rows. I can’t get over how he’s extremely calm behind the wheel. Congrats Donny Schatz, and the Tony Stewart Racing team on your “One Night Stand, for 51 Grand” win.


Port Royal Speedway had a good bit of royalty around the track. Past & Present queens were all in attendance to watch the big show. Jamie White, Miss Port Royal Speedway 2018 was there, as well as a few others. Jamie has to be one of the most down to earth and classiest woman I’ve ever met! Miss Juanita County Fair Queen, McKala Dressler, was in attendance. Kylie Glatfelter, 2017 Miss Racing Xtravaganza, wasn’t going to miss this race for anything! Courtney Wolf, 2018 Jr. Miss Racing Xtravaganza, has been a stand out this year, for her age, and being a true role model for any age and she was keeping up with her “Seflie Sunday” posts with drivers, meeting new faces, and capturing some selfies with a few of the girls, for her last race in PA for her year of 2018. Carly Hendrickson was also there, representing Racing Xtravaganza, as well.

Check out the photos, while we waited for the start of the feature.


If you were able to make it out to the Tuscarora 50, let me know in the comments section, what your thoughts were! I’d be glad to hear some opinions - because I know everyone has one, but please be respectful in your comments as well! Thanks for staying entertained and following along with my blog and where my photos take me next. I will be headed to Charlotte, for the World Finals, held at the Dirt Track at Charlotte. I can’t wait to be back, as I haven’t been there since 2016. It’ll surely be one to remember!

Be sure to check out my Blog tomorrow, Wenesday, October 31st, for the Women In Motorsports series, part 2 post to be posted at 6AM! You won’t want to miss this one!