World Finals 2018 - My Experience

Season 1. Blog 11.

I want to start this blog out with an interesting equation to sum up my trip:

15 hours of drive time(around 7 hrs., 1 way) + 443miles (one way) + 6 features + 1 credential - 2 hours of sleep total + 1,900(+) photos shot + 21,979 steps (10.04 miles walked) + new friends + hundreds of opportunity = Unforgettable Memories Made!

I woke up at 3AM, and got the rest of my stuff ready to go for the day. I waited for my ride to arrive at my house, and thought about the 7 hour drive we had before us. Although, I’ve made this trip twice in the past, I have never done it for just one day. I knew I was going to be tired. We left around 4:25AM. This would let us arrive at The Dirt Track at Charlotte at around 11:30AM, as racing would start at 1:30PM, due to the multiple rain outs they had the several nights before, making it hard to get everything in in the nights that were on the schedule. So I would get to see 6 features, and heat races and all the B & C mains in 1 day! (Sounds like my Saturday about 3 weeks prior).


We traveled down Interstate 81 to 77, and finally arrived in Concord, North Carolina at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. This track has been a favorite since I made the trip about 2 years ago, with Troy. I did a little of photography while I was there, that year, but nothing like this! This year, I decided to apply for credentials about 2 weeks prior to the event, as soon as I found out I had a chance at putting “World Finals” on my schedule. I was beyond excited, when I found out that I had actually received credentials, through Killer Mile Motorsports - knowing how much I have worked over the past 3 years, it was very rewarding to receive that email in my inbox. I cannot thank Speedway Motorsports Inc. enough, for their assistance.

As far as the racing, I’d say it was good, at night. The day racing, was interesting, due to the track conditions, and the amount of driver’s cutting tires and just taking rubber. I actually will say I was surprised, due to the amount of rain they have had, but as sunny and warm as it was, it left me knowing it would be hard to pass during the day racing. However, I was impressed by the Super DIRTCAR series Modifieds. As most know I’m not that huge of a fan of them, but I have a lot of respect for that division, as a whole! It was nice to go to their pit area and see what all they were adjusting to the cars to get them ready for the heat races later on in their day. I think the amount of passion that runs deep in racing is very unique, and these teams are no exception.

I was only down at World Finals for 1 day, so I knew I would be tired. This trip was an absolute blast, and I’m so fortunate that I was able to go. I tried to cover as much of the action as I could, as I was already 2 days behind most of the photographers that was already down there.

I like to cover all divisions when I go to an event. So check out below a few photos that I hand picked from the album, to showcase from my World Finals experience.

You can also view all of the photos, that I shot by clicking on the “button” below.

Super DIRTCAR Modifieds


World Of Outlaws Late Models


World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars



Ms. Motorsports 2018 & Jr. Miss Racing Xtravaganza 2018


4 Wide Salute & Pyrotechnics

These are my favorite parts of the World Finals event. I love fireworks, and these are impressive! In Pennyslvania, there are restrictions to what fireworks the public are allowed to set off, so of course I would be impressed going to another area. They absolutely knock it out of the park with their firework show! I highly recommend going, even just for the fireworks and the large “fireballs” at before the features! Those are very spectacular!


I only made it to victory lane, for the 2nd features of the day and closing ceremonies. Here is a look into what happens during those times of the final night, when most of the stands, clear out, and a lot of fans, return back to their normal activities of going to bed, traveling home, or venture into the pits in hopes of seeing the drivers one last time, before the “off season blues” kick in.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Chad Wolf, Jolene Wolf and Courtney for allowing me tag along on their trip with Courtney, as Jr. Miss Racing Xtravaganza to Charlotte, NC(and for not letting me down there, HA). I had a great time with your family, and I am very grateful for being invited to go with your family!